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Frequently asked questions and answers.  

I live in Katoomba which is situated in the world heritage listed, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. I have lived in the Blue Mountains most of my life and have photographed, walked, hiked, fished, climbed, camped, and explored this beautiful area with my camera for many years…. Let us just say I know the Blue Mountains and all the good photographic spots, quite well. I love the Blue Mountains and it has been a beautiful place to live and work in…

I am very fortunate to say yes, this is my only job and I’ve been a full-time Blue Mountains based wedding photographer since 2013. I photographed my first wedding in 2013.

For Elopements and Engagements, the minimum hire time is 1 hour. Wedding packages start with a minimum 2 hour hire time.

Elopement packages are designed for a very small wedding ceremony, some location portraits and generally contains only the Bride and Groom, celebrant, photographer, videographer, and a few guests (6 or less). Elopement photographic coverage is generally up to 3 photographic hours. Wedding packages generally cater to a larger group of people attending the wedding day with photographic coverage starting at 2 hours coverage.

Note: All wedding packages can be adapted to suit your wedding day needs, please just ask if you have any questions or concerns regarding one of our packages.

I currently offer 5 packages for Wedding, 3 for Elopements 1 for Engagements. These packages are designed to meet the different budgets that clients have on their wedding day in relation to photography. My wedding packages can also be tailored to be exactly what you need…so please just asked and I will sort a package out for you.

Elopements start at $850, and small weddings start at $1900. On average most wedding clients invest $2900-$3500 on their wedding photography packages.

Once you have decided to book me for your wedding, I require a 40% booking fee payment for weddings and a 50% booking fee payment for Elopements and Engagements. For example, if you book a wedding package for $2750 you would be required to pay $1100 (40%) of your initial total fee within 2 weeks of booking me. This initial payment fee is to lock in and guarantee your wedding date with me. The remainder (60%) of your fee is due 3 weeks before your wedding date.

Yes, absolutely…I am happy to travel outside of my local area and I am always keen to photograph at new areas. If the location is more than 1 hours travel from Katoomba, there might be a small travel fee, depending on the wedding or elopement package purchased.

I am a big believer in pre-planning and scoping new wedding venue locations prior to photographing them. Even locations I photographed before, I am often re-visiting them to find new and exciting photo opportunities for my clients.

Generally, the best time of day for photos is in the early morning or late afternoon. We understand that you will have time restraints around your wedding venue receptions and other factors, so we will do our very best to fit in with your schedule on the day.

I am of the belief that having an assistant on the day helps quite allot. For most weddings and some elopements, I will have an assistant for some or all the time I am on location. Having an assistant allows me to focus on my job, photographing you at your wedding.

I have photographed many commercial photographic campaigns over the years and this has helped develop and hone the story telling aspect to my wedding images for my clients. The commercial work has also allowed me to become very proficient in working within tight timeframes (such as weddings). Commercial work has also honed my portrait skills as I have had to work with a vast array of different clients and personalities and make them feel at ease and get great shots in a short timeframe…

My work with a tourism magazine for over 3 years has really helped in my wedding photography as it has taught me how to document and tell a unique and consistent story throughout a day. I now take the knowledge and skills acquired from previous commercial & portraiture work and apply it for my wedding clients on their special day

Absolutely, 100%! Yes, this is exactly what I love to do for my Wedding, Elopement and Engagement clients, especially here in the Blue Mountains where we have the most stunning landscape backdrops to choose from… We chose 1-3 locations (depending on available time & package), and we go out into the landscape and get some beautiful portraits of the wedding couple and wedding party. This is also a great way for you to unwind from your recent ceremony and really start to relax and thoroughly enjoy the rest of your wedding day. One of the main reasons clients hire me is that I live in the Blue Mountains and they love the location portraits I do with for my clients out in the landscape or urban environment. I’m happy to recommend some great locations or offer my opinion and advice on locations you have heard about going too.

I believe it is a great idea for us to meet face to face over a coffee and discuss your upcoming wedding. If we can’t meet face to face, I’d suggest a meetup over a zoom call instead. I find it of great value to be able to have a chat and walk you through how I go about photographing your wedding day. Most people are not used to working with photographers and it’s helpful to give you a little more information so you know what to expect of me on the day. It’s also a great way for me to learn a little bit about you and hear about how you’ve planned out your wedding day. Sometimes it is also possible to meetup at the wedding venue and have a brief walk around the site and discuss photo opportunities. Keep in mind some wedding venues have beautiful grounds for wedding portraits as well…

I’ve always been told that I have a calm and relaxed demeanour when I work with my clients. Let’s face it, being nervous in front of a camera is pretty normal for most of us. I will be there throughout the day to help in any way I can make you feel more comfortable, calm, and relaxed. I’ll give you tips and little tricks I’ve learnt throughout my career that I’m sure will make your time in front of the camera much easier on the day…At the end of the day just be yourself and everything will be just fine.

Yes, absolutely, and it’s something I really enjoy doing. I can help plan out the proposal with you and give you tips for the big moment and ofcourse recommend some beautiful locations here in the Blue Mountains, or elswhere, to photograph in.

Having a second photographer (second shooter), can make could sense for covering different aspects for your wedding. For example, during the wedding ceremony we can cover off more moments and reactions from different angles. You will also receive more images with an additional photographer.…Second shooter fee for Ceremony is $200.00 and $250 per additional photographic hour booked. The second photographer is subject to availability on the day.

These sessions are heaps of fun and I get to work intimately with my clients out in a landscape environment. We can go to 1-2 locations here in the Blue Mountains and get some lovely portraits during a 2-hour session. A wonderful relaxed and chilled way to get some lovely engagement photos outdoors. Prices are $1500 for a 2 hour engagement or pre-wedding session.

Yes absolutely, all my equipment is insured, and I have public and personal liability insurance and can provide a certificate of currency, if required.

I personally hand edit all the images from your Wedding, Elopement or Engagement Day session. Images captured are not sent off to third party editing companies for processing. Some of the images on the day will also be converted to black and white simply because they just look better this way…

I carefully select the best frames from your day, the photos that best tell your story and the celebrations that you enjoyed with your guests throughout the day. Your provided with high resolution digital files, suitable for printing and web sized files ready for you to upload to your favourite social platforms or pass onto friends and relatives.

You will receive approximately 40-60 professionally hand edited images for each hour of photographic coverage. Always keep in mind it is not about the quantity, but rather the quality of the images captured during the day/night on your special day…

During a typical wedding a photographer can end up taking 100’s to 1000’s of photos over the course of the day. For example, as a bride walks down the aisle the photographer may take 20 photos, however perhaps 3 of them have a pleasant expression, mood, body position, not blinking etc. Another example would be an interesting sky outdoors and the photographer has purposely underexposed the image to keep the detail in the sky. If a client was to look at that image, they would possibly dismiss it as a bad shot, not knowing that in post-production the image will be corrected to an amazing photo. Passing on unedited RAW photos to a client is something that professional photographers just don’t do because the RAW file is only part of the artistic process

Taking good photos on your wedding day is the first step in the process. During the culling and review process, the best photos are selected for editing from each moment captured. Rest assured that you are not going miss out on any of the wonderful moments that are captured throughout your wedding.

People eating food, as no one ever looks good eating…So when people sit down to eat, I won’t be there with a camera in their face.

Your wedding day can be quite a busy time and you simply won’t remember everything on the day. I always tell my clients to write down who you’d like photos with on your day and pass it onto me and we’ll make it happen.

It’s true that some churches, hotel rooms and reception venues can be quite dark for photography. I’m well trained in using both on and off camera flash, so if needed we will use additional flash to help lighten the scene. Out on location I sometimes like to add a little bit of off camera flash to give your images that extra contrast and magazine worthy look.

Clients receive images in two folders, containing the same images in two different formats. You receive the large resolution jpegs which are suitable for any photo printing you wish to do. You also receive a second folder where the images have been specifically rendered and sized for viewing and uploading online. These images are perfectly sized for uploading to social platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. These images are sized to 2048 pixels on the longest side.

Small Elopement wedding images will be ready within 3-6 weeks and at larger weddings images within 5-8 weeks after your wedding day. Note, during busy times, like peak wedding season or school holidays, longer wait times may apply.

Generally, I’ll send your digital photos to you via programmes such as Dropbox, Google Drive & WeTransfer. I can also put them on a usb stick and send them via post if you wish.

Absolutely, I can print up to A2 in size via my home commercial printer. Generally, most of the wedding packages come with a range of complimentary prints, included in the package. You can also purchase more prints from me, or simply print your own images via the high-resolution digital files supplied.

Absolutely, I can print up to A2 in size via my home commercial printer. Generally, most of the wedding packages come with a range of complimentary prints, included in the package. You can also purchase more prints from me, or simply print your own images via the high-resolution digital files supplied.

Please send through an inquiry and we will happily send through or current 2024-2025 wedding packages. If you know your wedding date and venue, then please send that through as well. If you are simply just shopping around for some pricing and looking at each photographers different styles and packages, we would love to be considered for your upcoming special day too and will happily pass on our packages for consideration. If you want an official quote for a particular wedding package that contains all the terms & conditions and booking information, just say the word and I’ll send it through.

Thanks very much for your interest and I hope I’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions I receive about wedding photography. I hope to hear from you soon…

Cheers Ben